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Policy information

Approved by Council September 2012
Reviewed by VCMAG, ERMC, UHRC, Senate, IF, Council (view acronym list)
Updated ERMC, VCMAG August 2014
Policy owner HR Client Services
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Policy summary

  1. Deans are ordinarily initially appointed for five years.
  2. There is one renewal of a further five years, unless there are special circumstances.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor (VC) or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) establishes whether the Dean wishes to be considered for re-appointment.
  4. If yes, the VC or DVC conducts a performance review and consults with key stakeholders.
  5. The VC or DVC either proposes a renewal or extension or a full recruitment process.
  6. The Faculty Board votes on the proposal.
  7. The Institutional Forum verifies the above process and makes a recommendation to Council.
  8. The Council decides whether to make a re-appointment.

Applicable to

  • A Dean whose first term of office is due to expire.

Not applicable to

Policy details

  1. Appointment conditions
    1. 1.1 The initial term of appointment of a Dean is for five years, unless there are special circumstances.

    2. 1.2 There is a limit of one contract renewal, subject to performance assessment.

    3. 1.3 Any renewal would normally be for a period not exceeding five years, thus limiting the tenure of the deanship to no more than ten years, but could be longer if Council decides, particularly where this would take the incumbent to normal retirement age.

    4. 1.4 Deans are responsible to their faculties, and also to the centre (as part of the Senior Leadership Group). For a decision to renew or extend a contract, the Dean in question must enjoy substantial support from both sectors and a process of consultation must determine this.

  2. Initiation of re-appointment
    1. 2.1 When the term of office of a Dean is due to expire, the Vice-Chancellor (VC) or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), with the assistance of Human Resources (HR), initiates the formal re-appointment process, which normally starts twelve months before the end of the contract.

  3. Consultation with the Dean
    1. 3.1 The VC or DVC consults the Dean about his or her intentions at the end of the contract. If the Dean wishes to step down, the normal recruitment process for the appointment of a new Dean is initiated. See Policy on appointment of new Deans.

    2. 3.2 If the Dean wishes a renewal or extension of the contract, the VC or DVC reviews the Dean's performance against previously agreed targets and objectives.

  4. Further consultations
    1. 4.1 The VC or DVC consults with members of the Senior Leadership Group, Council, the Dean's Advisory Committee (or equivalent) as well as Deputy Deans of the faculty concerned.

  5. VC or DVC's decision
    1. 5.1 Following the process of consultation, the VC or DVC decides to:
      1. put a proposal for renewal or extension of the contract to the Faculty Board, or
      2. initiate a full recruitment process.
  6. Proposal to Faculty Board
    1. 6.1 In the event of a proposal to renew or extend the contract, the VC or DVC puts the proposal to the Faculty Board at a special meeting, in order to gauge their support. The incumbent Dean does not attend the meeting.

    2. 6.2 The Faculty Board votes on the proposal, and the result of the ballot is made known to the VC or DVC and the Faculty Board. The VC or DVC determines in each case how the ballot is to be taken, whether postal votes are allowed, and what quorum is required.

  7. Process report to Institutional Forum
    1. 7.1 The VC or DVC submits a report to the Institutional Forum (IF), detailing the process that has been followed.

    2. 7.2 The IF meets before Council meets, and verifies that the approved process was followed, or if not, where it differed.

  8. Council approval
    1. 8.1 The VC or DVC submits the proposal to Council for a decision, along with the outcome of the Faculty Board vote and feedback from the IF.

    2. 8.2 Should Council not approve the proposal, a full recruitment process may be instituted. See Policy on appointment of new Deans.

    3. 8.3 In the event of a decision to initiate a full recruitment process, the VC or DVC will give the Dean reasons for the decision, and allow him or her to make representations to the Chair and members of Council.

    4. 8.4 Ordinarily voting in Council on the proposal will be by ballot.

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Roles and responsibilities

This is a guideline to the internal UCT roles and responsibilities involved in the re-appointment process for an incumbent Dean.

Read in conjunction with HR Delegated Authorities.

Role Responsibilities
Human Resources (HR) HR Practitioner
  • Provides full support to VC/DVC in re-appointment process.
  • Assists VC/DVC with reports to Faculty Board, IF and Council.
  • Provides relevant documentation to Appointments Office, including the HR100a form for re-appointment.
Appointments Office
  • Compiles letter of offer for re-appointment.
  • Completes any other relevant HR forms pertaining to offer, e.g. additional allowances.
  • Copies letter of offer to relevant HR Practitioner.
  • Sends HR forms to HR Administrator.
HR Administrator
  • Captures appointment on SAP.
Recruitment Advisor
  • Initiates and provides support for full recruitment process if re-appointment not supported.
Vice-Chancellor (VC) or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC)
  • Consults with Dean on re-appointment.
  • Consults with SLG, Council, DAC, and Deputy Deans.
  • Submits proposals to Faculty Board, IF and Council.
  • Provides feedback to Dean during the re-appointment process.
Senior Leadership Group (SLG)
  • Provides input to VC/DVC on Dean's performance.
Dean's Advisory Committee (DAC)
  • Provides input to VC/DVC on Dean's performance.
Deputy Deans of the Faculty
  • Provides input to VC/DVC on Dean's performance.
Faculty Manager
  • Arranges special meeting of Faculty Board and works with VC/DVC to ensure a quorum.
Faculty Board
  • Votes on proposal for re-appointment.
Institutional Forum (IF)
  • Verifies re-appointment process and reports to Council.
  • Grants final approval for re-appointment.

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