Mediation policy

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Recommended mediation service providers

Equillore | IR Change | PeaceSystems | Tokiso Dispute Resolution

Service provider: Equillore
Services offered Company profile
  • Change facilitation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Training
  • Provides alternative dispute resolution services and manages the lifecycle of disputes and has processed more than 45,000 disputes, mostly assisting the Department of Justice (DOJ).
  • Provides a purpose-designated dispute service to match the specific needs of each client, done through consultations with the client before the mediation processes begins.
  • In addition to the DOJ, they also worked in the short-term insurance industry and the sectional title industry.
  • Infrastructure provided for clients includes;
    • Specifically designed dispute processes tailored to the needs of the industry,
    • Computerised case management that allows online referrals and monitoring of progress,
    • A dedicated case manager for each case,
    • Access to a panel of expert conciliators, mediators and arbitrators.
  • Number of mediators: 30
  • Accreditation: CCMA
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Assessment criteria Estimated cost - daily fees only
  • 10 years’ experience for senior CCMA commissioners.
  • Completion of an accredited workplace mediation course.
  • R4950 - first meeting and presiding officer fee.
  • If the parties cannot agree and need extra time then;
    • an extra 2 hours of the first day = R3,500.
  • Postponements:
    • 1/2 day = R6,500
    • full day = R12,000


Service provider: IR Change
Services offered Company profile
  • Labour law solutions including mediation services
  • Chairperson solutions
  • Initiation solutions
  • Investigation solutions
  • Facilitation solutions
  • Tailor-made training solutions
  • Provide expert dispute management services, support and advice to clients who aspire to build healthy and productive workplace relations.
  • IR Change panellists bring a wealth of experience and professional credibility to managing disciplinary processes – factors which assist to build party trust in the enquiry process and the outcome – resulting in substantially reduced rates of referral to the CCMA for clients.
  • IR Change specialises in;
    • Matters involving senior managers, directors or leaders
    • Legally complex or politically sensitive workplace matters
  • IR Change processes are supported by a case management system designed to deliver preferred choice of panellist to the parties, speedy set down of a matter and prompt rendering of a final outcome.
  • Number of mediators: 20
  • Accreditation: CCMA
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Assessment criteria Estimated cost - daily fees only
  • Accredited Senior CCMA Commissioners with extensive experience in labour relations and knowledge and skills in conducting complex labour relations matters.
  • Panellists are given a code of conduct when they join the company.
  • Daily rate - R10,000 (including written findings)
  • Hourly rate = R1,500. Should they exceed more than 4 hours then the daily rate applies


Service provider: PeaceSystems (Nomfundo Walaza)
Services offered Company profile
  • Conflict resolution
  • A registered civil society organisation which supports the development of sustainable institutions and systems to prevent, manage and resolve conflict.
  • Services offered;
    • Capacity building through improving skills and enabling people to be more effective in preventing, managing and resolving conflict.
    • Using qualitative research to improve systems and using research to evaluate the effectiveness of those conflict management systems.
    • Specialised interventions through the design, development and implementation of specialised mediations interventions working closely with all stakeholders to ensure outcomes which resolve immediate conflict and lays the foundation for long-term sustainable relationships.
  • Number of mediators: 2
  • Accreditation: Clinical psychologist
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Assessment criteria Estimated cost - daily fees only
  • Already used by UCT for mediation services.
R1000 per hour


Service provider: Tokiso Dispute Resolution
Services offered Company profile
  • Dispute resolution
  • Training
  • The company resolves disputes in the employment, commercial, environment and community fields.
  • Offers services like mediations / conciliations, advisory arbitrations / recommendations, arbitrations / investigations / fact finding, facilitations / chairing enquiries and relationship building initiatives.
  • Provides alternative dispute resolution services which are legally enforceable.
  • Offers other customised services to suit the client’s processes.
  • Number of mediators: 42
  • Accreditation: SETA
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Assessment criteria Estimated cost - daily fees only
  • Professionally independent.
  • Successfully completed a recognised course in mediation.
  • Five Years’ experience in the field of mediation.
  • If a CCMA commissioner, must be a level A or senior commissioner.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Tax compliant.
  • Commitment to comply with the Panellist Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Karen Kelinot - R9,100
  • Gerard De Kock - R16,640
  • Teresa Erasmus - R10,400
  • Jacques Pienaar - R9,750
  • Ashraf Mohammed - R15,600
  • Johann Van Zuydam - R10,400
  • Tanya Venter - R19,500

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