Purpose of policy

To explain the services available to staff who are relocating from outside of Cape Town and the borders of South Africa.

Applicable to

All staff in payclass 9 and above including Lecturer level and above who have contracts exceeding two years or are permanent appointments who are relocating from outside of Cape Town and South Africa.

Services provided

  • Travel

    For staff members who are travelling to Cape Town / South Africa by air, single economy class airtickets are arranged through UCT's preferred travel agent, Millway Sure Travel, who liaises directly with the staff member regarding a suitable flight schedule. UCT will meet the cost of the most cost-effective flight schedule, taking into account the needs of the staff member as far as possible.

    • UCT meets this cost directly with the travel agent.
    • The University does not meet the cost of excess baggage.

    If the staff member chooses to drive to Cape Town, the staff member is refunded the cost of single economy class air tickets for him/herself, partner and immediate dependants, upon arrival in Cape Town.

  • Moving of furniture

    The University will meet the cost of the transport of books, furniture and personal effects as stated in his/her offer of appointment. On receiving the acceptance of an offer of appointment the University requests three transport companies to contact the appointee regarding quotations for the transport of the goods concerned. Only transport companies who are registered UCT vendors are used. The appointee is required to give an indication of his/her preference, although cost is also taken into account when choosing the successful transport company. The University is not committed to the payment of any transport costs until it has received all quotations and accepted one of them.

    • UCT does not contribute towards the costs of transporting pets or motor vehicles, nor does it contribute to any expenditure which has not been specifically approved and accepted before it is incurred.
    • Where required, the University will meet the cost of storage of personal effects in Cape Town for a maximum period of three months. It is important to note that UCT will meet the cost of insurance cover, if arranged before the goods are uplifted, until delivery, including the three months while the goods are in storage. Insurance cover after the three months would be for the cost of the staff member.
    • Where required, the University will meet the cost of one re-delivery in terms of the quotation received and accepted.
    • The cost of part deliveries must be met by the staff member, although an allowance will be made should the staff member require his/her books for her work at the University.
    • The staff member may choose to defer the moving of his/her furniture, as in the case where the staff member's family joins him/her at a later stage, but the move can only be deferred for 12 months.
    • If a staff member decides not to make use of the moving service, no payment will be made to the staff member in lieu thereof.
  • Settlement allowances
    • A settlement allowance of R5 000 per household is granted to members of staff recruited from outside of Cape Town.
    • A settlement allowance of R10 000 per household is granted to members of staff recruited from outside the republic of South Africa.
    • This allowance is paid to the staff member tax-free upon arrival in Cape Town.
  • Accommodation

    UCT temporary accommodation is made available to new staff members joining the University from outside of Cape Town and South Africa, depending on availability thereof, for a maximum period of six months. Applications for extension beyond this period will not be considered.

    • Upon receipt of the staff member's formal acceptance, the staff member is encouraged to make direct contact with Staff Housing, to find out if accommodation will be available.
    • The staff member can choose between a furnished apartment or a furnished cottage, depending on what is available at the time.
    • Payment for rental of the apartment/cottage will be made directly from the staff member's salary.
    • Should UCT accommodation not be available, the staff member can be put on a waiting list until accommodation becomes available.

    In the event that Staff Housing is unable to accommodate the staff member, UCT accommodation will not be available to the staff member at a later stage.

  • Repayment of travel, transport and settlement allowances

    Should the staff member leave the University before three years have expired (or in the case of a fixed term contract appointment, before the expiry of the contract) he/she must refund such part of the monetary allowance as is proportionate to the unexpired portion of three years (or in the case of a fixed term contract appointment, the unexpired portion of the contract).

    Should a staff member leave the University, the University will not be responsible for the payment of his/her relocation from Cape Town.

Page last updated: 19 May 2016