Details concerning remuneration of temporary tutors (less than one-year appointments and usually part-time), demonstrators, teaching assistants and guest lecturers/teachers follow.

  1. Funds made available for the remuneration of "junior" staff (i.e. not qualified as teachers or professionals) are based on the "maximum rate for the (specified) position". These rates are scaled according to the academic level attained by employees, and take into account the degree of academic responsibility for the effective learning of students carried by them. This ranges from "full control", when direct and continuous teaching of particular groups of students is done in a co-ordinated but unassisted manner over prolonged periods, and "assistance-mode" when the teaching is discontinuous and is done under supervision.

    Suggested "maximum rates for the (specified) position" in 2024 have increased by 4% and will be as follows:

    Level "Full control" "Assistance-mode"
      Max. per hour where each tutorial is assumed to be worth up to a maximum of four hours work, unless proved otherwise in a documented way. Max. per hour of demonstration at practicals or large tutorials, fieldwork, etc.; one hour extra is allowed for marking for each session of one to four hours.
    Undergraduates up to end of 3rd year of study R114 R65
    Graduate (3rd year degree) or 4th year undergraduate R117 R89
    Graduate (4th year degree) or Honours student or postgraduate diploma student or 5-6th year undergraduate R149 R113
    Graduate (5th or 6th year degree) or Masters student R161 R117
    PhD student R167 R141
    PhD graduate R201 R149


    • Ten Honours students are hired, each to give a total of 30 "full-control" tutorials. Each of these sessions is assumed to represent four hours of actual work (i.e. contact time and preparation, marking, etc.).
      Thus each student will receive (30 x 4)hrs = 120hr x R149 = R17880 for the year.

    • PhD students are hired, each to help supervise 12 practicals lasting four hours (contact time). Each of these sessions is assumed to represent five hours of actual work (four hours contact time plus one hour marking time).
      Thus each student will receive (5 x 12)hrs = 60hrs x R167 = R 10 020 for the year.

  2. Except in the case of certain disciplines [see (3) below] funds made available for the remuneration of "senior staff" (i.e. teachers who have qualifications and experience comparable with those of the lecturing staff in the disciplines concerned, or professionals) will be based on a maximum flat rate of R702 per session in the case of persons who are not yet "authorities" in their fields, or R1318 for those who are. Where the guest teaching involves the separate setting and marking of written work including test or examination papers, further payments at R242 or R511 per hour respectively will be justified if properly motivated.

  3. In the case of certain categories of part-time guest teachers, the hourly maximum rates will be as follows:

    Music instruction R369 per hour
    Fine art R201 per hour
    Method teaching (supervision) R263 per hour + R345 per supervised student
    Studio master in architecture R281 per hour
    Studio lectures in architecture R348 per hour
    Ballet instructors R250 per hour
  4. Marking of test or examination scripts will be paid at the "assistance-mode" per rate hour, appropriate to the level of the marker (see 1. above).

Page last updated: 07 June 2024