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This checklist was developed to ensure that staff members are welcomed and properly inducted into their new departments. The checklist may be used for new PASS staff and may also be of benefit to staff who have transferred from another department at UCT.

Before the arrival of the staff member Tick
  1. Complete an HR100 form (HR100a, HR100b or HR100c) if you have not already done so. Please note that a staff member will not be paid if all forms are not completed and submitted to HR. If the appointment was handled by the Staff Recruitment Office, you are not required to complete this form.
  1. If the staff member requires access to SAP, complete the required form (SAP01 for purchasers, SAP02 for reporting, SAP03 for central admin functions). Training is required before access to SAP is granted, and takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Courses are run monthly. In order to ensure that the new staff member is included in the earliest training cycle after their arrival, you can apply for their access to SAP in advance of their arrival. For more information see: SAP Training on the ICTS website.
  1. If the staff member requires a purchasing card (alternative purchasing tool to a SAP purchase order), apply for access via the MM003 form.
  1. Allocate sufficient time in your diary to welcome the new staff member and to introduce him/her to the department. Please ensure that the staff member has an appointment with the HR Practitioner within the first week. Alternatively decide who will be fully responsible for the induction of the new staff member and ensure that the person has freed up enough time for this purpose.
  1. Draw up an induction programme for the new staff member. Keep in mind that the person will need some basic information and instruction in the beginning. (This will depend on the type of work he/she will be doing but could include procedures to follow, how the telephone system works, IT Helpdesk, budgets and funds, where to find other necessary information, etc.)
  1. Refer PASS staff members to the private work policy.
  1. Book new staff members on the induction programme run by the Staff Learning Centre in Human Resources (x3812) and a benefit information session. Advise the staff member to view the UCTRF Induction videos before attending this session
  1. The Staff Learning Centre offers an Occupational Health and Safety Induction Programme. All staff are encouraged to attend this programme. For more information please refer to the Staff learning and development resource guide.
  1. Ensure that the new staff member has all the basic equipment and furniture that he/she will need to perform his/her duties as well as a "start-up" stationery supply. Please arrange this in advance! (Contact for second-hand office furniture: Lee-Ann Johnstone x3160.)
  1. Where computer hardware is not already in place, this must be ordered well in advance of the new staff member's arrival. New staff members can be directed to > Services section > Your account (to view the guide for staff members, how to manage passwords and updating details on white pages). Where necessary, arrange any additional computer access that the person will need by contacting the IT Helpdesk x4500 or email
  1. Inform future colleagues and the department that a new person is starting, when the person will be starting, what his/her name is (possibly a brief introduction of the person), and what his/her area of responsibility will be. (This can be done via email where all relevant staff have access to email).
  1. Inform any other department(s) that need to know about the arrival of the new staff member, e.g. the switchboard and the mail room.
  1. If the staff member is staying in University accommodation, you should make arrangements for the flat/house to be stocked with basic provisions i.e. coffee, tea, sugar, milk, bread, margarine, juice, jam,etc.
  1. If the new staff member is not from Cape Town, and particularly if he/she is new to South Africa, you may wish to plan a wider induction programme that doesn't focus only on UCT. Contact with the person before he/she arrives will be necessary to assess assistance and/or information needed.

On arrival of the staff member Tick
First week  
  1. Should the new staff member be arriving from outside Cape Town, please ensure that you or a delegated member of your staff is responsible for collecting the new staff member from the airport, station etc. and he/she is taken to the venue where they will be staying.
  1. Welcome and introduce the new staff member to fellow colleagues and members of staff in the department and or faculty.
  1. Show the staff member around the department, building and campus (including essential amenities and services). The following are important:

    • How does the telephone system work? (many staff think that they are required to dial the complete telephone number for an internal call)
    • How do I operate the fax or photocopy machine?
    • How do I order stationery?
    • Where do I collect my mail and where do I post mail?
    • Where is one permitted to smoke?
    • Advise them where to find administrative forms.
    • How does one contact the IT Service Desk?
    • Any other information relevant to his/her position.
  1. Discuss the relevant conditions of service to ensure that the new staff member fully understands these. More information regarding conditions of service may be obtained from the HR Department. Advise the staff member to view the UCTRF induction videos before attending the benefit information session,  held monthly via MS Teams from 10h00 - 13h00. If the member is not able to attend the induction session, they may view a recording of the session on the UCTRF website
  1. Where relevant, explain the performance management system.
  1. Discuss with the new staff member what is expected of staff in your department i.e. general rules/procedures/systems used in the department/what hours the person will work. Agreed working hours should be put in writing and a copy kept on his/her personnel file in HR. Procedure for reporting absences from work, time off, leave etc.
  1. Discuss the responsibilities/duties of the specific role/position into which the new staff member has been employed and the expectations/standards of the department. All staff should have position descriptions. Go through the position description in detail and ensure the staff member understands what is required of them.
  1. If applicable, introduce the new staff member to a contact person who will assist with queries and questions related to administration i.e. Administrative Assistant or Departmental Secretary.
  1. Discuss clubs, sports facilities, unions or refer the staff member to the relevant staff bodies responsible.
  1. Discuss what to do in the event of an emergency i.e. fire in the building, injuries or accidents. Where the emergency exits are, who keeps the first aid kit for the building and who the fire marshall is.
  1. Accompany or direct the staff member to the Appointments Office (Bremner Building) in order to hand in all completed documentation e.g. Personal details form (HR101), benefit forms (where applicable). Once the staff member's details have been captured on SAP he/she will be issued with a staff number and should then proceed to Access Control Services, (x3030), new Properties and Services Building above the Traffic Office on upper campus to have his/her staff card issued (provided the staff member brings an identity document and proof of appointment).
  1. If required, discuss parking arrangements on campus or have the staff member contact the Traffic Office (x3312) to discuss how to obtain a parking disc. See: Staff parking application & renewal form (TA01)
  1. Refer the staff member to the UCT website and the HR website for their conditions of service and any queries on remuneration and benefits.
By the end of the first month  
  1. Set a date to meet with the new staff member to set objectives and goals.
  1. Establish whether there are any immediate training needs.
  1. Ensure that the staff member has settled/is settling. Check whether they have any specific requests regarding their position description.
  1. Ensure that the staff member knows how to access SAP HR Employee Self-Service to view their payslips and IRP5 tax certificates, apply for leave and update their personal details. Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions are available on the HR website. To understand the layout and content of the payslip, see: Understanding your UCT payslip.

The HOD/Line Manager checklists can be signed off at the end of the induction period and the original sent to Human Resources to be kept in the staff member's personnel file.


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Download an electronic copy of the PASS induction guide and checklist
(includes checklists for the HOD/Line Manager and the new staff member)

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