1. Any person who finds property that has apparently been mislaid or abandoned on UCT property should hand it into the nearest Campus Protection Services office without delay.

    The officer on duty will record full details of the property, where found, and by whom.

  2. Lost property will be forwarded to the Access Control Administration Office which administers the Lost and Found Office in room 2.01, Properties and Services Building (Old Geological Sciences Extension Building, see B2 on the Upper Campus map), Madiba Circle, Upper Campus. This office is open every weekday between 14:00 and 15:00 and can be contacted on extension 4884. The Lost and Found Property Office will try to trace the rightful owner.
  3. The Access Control Administration Office disposes of unclaimed items on a daily basis after the holding period has expired.
    • Unclaimed library books are immediately returned to the UCT library and will not be recorded by the Lost and Found Office.
    • Unclaimed non UCT books will be sold after the three month holding period has expired.
    • Valuable items will be sold on a first come first serve basis after the three month holding period has expired, with proceeds and unclaimed cash being paid into a suspense account. Purchasers must insist on a computer generated receipt.
    • Unsold items of clothing, folders, files, pens etc. are sent to SHAWCO and other NGO's, and signed for on an annual basis.