Before arrival

You should receive a letter of appointment, position description and (if you are eligible for benefit participation)

  • Discovery Health application form
  • UCTRF Induction Booklet
  • UCTRF forms (x4)
  • Insurance forms (if applicable)
  • Benefit information session date

Please make contact with your Head of Department or Line Manager and discuss any issues which you may have regarding your new position.

Upon arrival - your first week Tick
Note: Before you can be paid, all forms relating to your appointment must be returned to the HR person responsible for processing your appointment (see letter of appointment).
  1. You will have an opportunity to be introduced to fellow colleagues and members of your department and faculty. Your Head of Department will be responsible for your induction but may have nominated an induction facilitator/s to assist with the process. You will be shown around essential amenities and services.
  1. Your Head of Department or immediate Line Manager will discuss your conditions of service with you. Any specific queries regarding conditions of service can also be addressed by a member of the HR Department. Please make an appointment to meet with your HR Practitioner within the first week of your arrival.
  1. Your Head of Department or immediate Line Manager will discuss your position description with you and the standards expected. A date will be set to discuss goals and objectives.
  1. You will be introduced to appropriate resources and services which are available to facilitate settling you into your new post.
  1. Once your forms have been handed in to the HR Department and have been processed on SAP, you should proceed to Access Control Services, new Properties and Services Building above the Traffic Office on upper campus for the issuing of your staff card (provided you bring an identity document and proof of appointment). This will allow you access to your building and allow you to join the library.
  1. Discuss with your induction facilitator how you should arrange parking on campus or alternatively contact the Traffic Office on x3312. See: Staff parking application & renewal form (TA01).
  1. Campus maps are available on the UCT website.
  1. The UCT website contains information on policy and procedures.
  1. Your Head of Department/Induction Facilitator will book you on the general induction programme for new staff. This will cover information on the organisational structure, issues facing UCT and transformation.
Note: Your Head of Department/Induction Facilitator has his/her own checklist. If he/she does not cover all of the above or you have other questions, please raise them with him/her.

Page last updated: 8 October 2021