SAP CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) is a tool used to record hours for overtime, standby, paid-on-claim work and deep cleaning (Student Housing only). The Time Administrator captures the hours per staff member for the previous 5 weeks and the hours are submitted to the staff member’s Manager for approval. Time Administration is currently only available in selected departments.

Instruction guides

Guide for Time Administrators

Quick reference guide for Managers | Guide for Managers

Demonstration video

Time Administration overview  (6 minutes)

Time Administrator video lessons

The lessons linked below are used during the Time Administrator training and may be useful as a refresher. You won’t have access to the Test system to complete the exercises but you are welcome to watch the videos. It is recommended that you watch in the listed order (even if you don’t capture overtime or standby hours) as the first few lessons contain the basic steps for capturing hours.

About HR Time Administration

Parts of the SAP screen

Lesson 1: Creating favourites

Lesson 2: Recording overtime for a PASS staff member

Lesson 3: Recording standby for a PASS staff member

Lesson 4: Recording overtime and standby for the same staff member

Lesson 5: Recording hours for a paid-on-claim staff member

Page last updated 25 January 2023