Roles and responsibilities | Process flow

Role Responsibilities
Research Office (RO)
  • Facilitates the process when a call is made by the NRF, i.e. Tier 1 or Tier 2.
  • Circulates call to Deans.
  • Support the applicant in the preparation of the proposal.
  • Submits applications to NRF. Phase 1 (initial call) and Phase 2 (successful candidate).
  • Facilitates approval of nominated chair by NRF (post UCT selection process).
  • Facilitates the negotiation of the budget.
  • Advise on the NRF outcome of the application.
  • Sends official accepted award letter to CRF.
  • Facilitates the review of Chairs at the appropriate stage.
  • Annual Progress Reports submitted to the NRF.
  • Receives call from the Research Office to identify potential applicants.
  • Determines alignment with Faculty interests.
  • In discussion with HOD’s, decides on appropriate mechanism to attract applicants.
  • Consideration given to the funding, replacement staff, physical space to accommodate the staff member and students and/or laboratory space, and possible future inclusion of post in Faculty staffing GOB budget.
  • Chairs the selection committee and decides composition.
  • Advises the successful candidate of the UCT selection outcome.
  • Build in shortfall on salary in to GOB or negotiate with staff member to partially raise funds
Note: The level UCT decides on needs to be aligned with that recommended by the NRF. The NRF decision will take precedence and require a candidate to be an Associate professor (or above) for Tier 2 and full professor for Tier 1 level.
Human Resources (HR) Department
  • HR Practitioner (HRP) advises on the recruitment process to be followed. Either open/external recruitment process or Appointment Without Advert.
  • HRP facilitates the commencement of the recruitment process of the Chair.
  • Assists HOD to complete relevant documentation.
  • HRP circulates motivation to the relevant staff body for information if Appointment Without Advert.
  • Staff Recruitment Office facilitates the recruitment process and obtains approval from the delegated authority. Holds documents until NRF approval obtained.
  • Appointments Office prepares letter of appointment. The Dean to approve the letter of appointment prior to sending to candidate. Copy RO in letter.
Central Research Finance (CRF)
  • Open a fund as soon as the grant is approved and signed by staff member.
  • Load the approved budget.
  • Sign off on all HR appointment/payment forms.
  • Submit status report to Dean and Finance Manager every second month.
  • Administer, monitor and advise on compliance (UCT & NRF)
Vice-Chancellor (VC) / Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC)
  • VC approves selection committee's recommendation for professorial appointments.
  • DVC approves the selection committee's recommendation for Associate Professors.
  • DVC responsible for SARChI Chairs serves on selection committee.
  • VC approves motivation to appoint without advert (when applicable).
Selection committee
  • Appointment With Advertisement:
    Receives applications, checks referees, interviews candidates/s and makes recommendation.
  • Appointment Without Advertisement:
    Considers the motivation, checks referees, interviews candidate and makes recommendation.

Process flow

View the South African Research Chairs (SARChI) appointment process (PDF).

Page last updated: 20 March 2018