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Section Purpose
Employee Relations

To maintain positive and constructive labour relations in the workplace.

To strengthen and maintain an effective employer-employee relationship.

To prevent and resolve problems and disputes between employees and management.

To reduce conflict in the workplace through effective communication and harmonious labour relations.

To create and enforce policies fairly and consistently in the workplace.

HR Client Services To ensure the alignment and integration of HR as part of the business strategy of UCT by creating human resource agendas and leading HR approaches with the aim of achieving the Universities strategic objectives.  
HR Analytics, Risk, Systems, Payroll and Administration

The section provides a broad range of functions, services, and systems that enable effective HR management.

To implement a comprehensive HR analytics strategy and service which supports UCT’s strategic objectives and includes data governance practices and technology. To provide business intelligence in the areas of people metrics, reporting, and advanced analytics. 

To ensure accurate and efficient data management and timeous payroll capture while proactively identifying and addressing audit risks. To ensure the efficient and effective storage of documents including filing, archiving and electronic scanning.

To ensure timely and accurate payroll processes including legislative and tax compliance, payroll and financial auditing requirements and risk management.

To design, support, manage and deploy HR systems which meet the needs of the University, continually seeking ways to improve and enhance efficiencies in HR processes and management reporting.

To design, develop, deliver, and evaluate a range of resource materials and training programs for UCT staff, to equip them with the necessary skills to successfully use HR systems.

HR Staff Wellbeing & Reward (including Compensation, Staff Wellness, Appointments, Healthcare, Social Assistance & Benefits)

Lead the conceptualisation and development/review of an Employee Value Proposition and Employee Wellbeing Strategy, Policies and Programmes to attract and retain staff with exceptional diverse potential within the tertiary education sector and to support optimal organisational functioning to attract and retain the right people for the fulfillment of UCT's mission and goals, through a visible UCT employee value proposition.

To provide appointments and benefits administrative support including legislative compliance and risk management.

To strive towards wellbeing at an organisational, interpersonal and individual level, resulting in productive and fulfilled employees by mitigating risk in a caring organisation.

HR Organisational Development Planned systematic change process to continually improve an organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency by utilising diagnostic data and designing and implementing appropriate solutions and interventions to measurably enable the organization to optimize its purpose and strategy.
Learning and Development Responsible for providing occupationally directed and other learning activities that enable and enhance the knowledge, practical skills and workplace experience and behavior of individuals and teams based on current and future occupational requirements for optimal organisational performance and sustainability.
Organisational Design To assist in creating job and position structures, position descriptions, position grading and competency frameworks for all levels of work within the university.
Staff Recruitment Office Fulfils a systematic identification and analysis of organisational workforce needs culminating in a workforce plan to ensure sustainable organisational capability in pursuit of the achievement of its strategic and operational objectives. The workforce plan must set out the actions necessary to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

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