The purpose of the Social assistance unit within the Human Resources department is to facilitate, implement, co-ordinate and provide proactive social assistance support to UCT staff.

The Social Assistance Co-ordinator will provide support and facilitate access to forms of external social assistance or social wage, such as:

  • housing subsidies / loans
  • healthcare services (e.g. family planning, clinics, chronic medication)
  • social grants
  • legal aid
  • any other services for which UCT staff qualify

Offers for UCT staff members

UCT Online High School staff tuition benefit 

"The University of Cape Town affords the benefit of discounted tuition rates to a broad spectrum of staff employed by the university. This provides the opportunity for eligible direct dependents of staff members to benefit from quality secondary school education at an increased affordability level. Each eligible staff member qualifies for staff tuition rates for their child(ren), if the child(ren) is/are financially dependent on the staff member. The staff tuition rate varies from 70% to  80% of the normal fee. More information on the staff tuition rates and eligibility is included in the UCT Online High School Staff Tuition Rates policy."

Details on the benefit can be found on the UCT OHS website here

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Banking ABSA

Get cheaper banking rates and/or lower interest on loans

View brochure

Home Loan Offering

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Get an ABSA Finance Deal from ABSA/ Ford especially for ABSA WPB Scheme clients, depending on your credit record status

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Employee Value Proposition

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Juan Diergaardt
ABSA External Sales Team Leader (Western Cape)
071 6045988  |



Renecia Benjamin

021 816 4035  |




Shaan Lee

072 079 4424 |

Banking Standard Bank

Get cheaper banking rates and/or lower interest on loans 



Faye Meyer
Employer Value Banking Manager
021 4012208  |   072 5423050
Banking  FNB

FNB's Exclusive Housing Scheme

FNB Measures to help customers impacted by Covid-19

Mr Denver Robertson
Manager Relationship Manager
087 736 1218 |   078 926 5347
Wills and Trusts. Sanlam Trust

Assistance with

  • Drafting of and revision of wills
  • Safe custody of wills
  • Living wills
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Trust Services

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021 947 5673


Financial Planning Gradidge Mahura Investments (Pty) Ltd (GMI)

Members of the UCTRF may obtain financial advice from an accredited financial advice at preferential fees.  In addition, UCTRF members close to retirement may be entitled to free financial advice with regard to the UCTRF assets

The services provided by GMI include the following:

• Investment and Retirement Planning;
• Explain UCTRF investment channels or options;
• Explain UCTRF risk and disability benefits;
• Analysis of death and disability cover;
• Provide advice on tax and estate duty.

See the UCTRF website for further information.

10, Grosvenor Square, 
10 Park Ln, 
Century City, 
Cape Town, 
Tel: 021 204 2920

Wynand Gouws:
Estate Planning ICAS

Assistance with marriage contracts.
This is a free service

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Employee Wellness Programme
Toll free number: 0801 113 945
Dial*134*905#to request a call back

Legal Advisory Services ICAS

This is a free service

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Employee Wellness Programme
Toll free number: 0801 113 945
Dial*134*905#to request a call back

Housing Preferential Rates ABSA View brochure Juan Diergaardt
ABSA External Sales Team Leader (Western Cape)
071 6045988  |
Pension-backed Housing loans UCTRF/FNB

The UCTRF may provide a guarantee on a housing loan granted by FNB.

The maximum amount of the loan may not be more than the lesser of:

  • 70% of your vested portion and 60% of your non-vested portion, after tax has been deducted (please refer to your latest benefit statement for this information), or
  • 90% of the market value of the property concerned;

The repayments will be debited by UCT from your salary.

The interest rate is prime minus 1.25%
UCTRF Office

Yumna Gamildien

Funeral Cover Simeka, Sanlam View Brochure  
Loyalty Programme linked to Group Risk Insurance Sanlam

Loyalty Programme that rewards members for living a financially responsible life.

Currently these are offered through:

Sanlam’s Reality Loyalty Programme for UCTRF members who have income disability cover.

View Sanlam Reality brochure

Momentum’s Multiply Rewards Programme for UCTRF members who have UCTRF death cover.

View Multiply Brochure

Call centre:  0860 732 548/9







WhatsApp: 0861 88 66 00
Tel: +27 (0) 12 671 8911
Contact centre: 0861 88 66 00

Government Housing Subsidies

For information on government subsidies, click here.  FLISP Finance-linked Individual Subsidy Programme, click here

Karen Bergsma
Social Benefits Administrative Assistant
Staff Wellness, Appointments, Healthcare and Benefits
Human Resources
Room 117, Bremner Building, Lower Campus
Tel: +27 21 650 7047

Page last updated: 20 August 2023