This one-day orientation programme for new staff is run by Human Resources Development as part of the Staff Learning Programme, and is held on campus at the Staff Learning Centre (Middle Campus). It provides just one component of orientation and induction, and is best attended within three months of starting employment.

The programme presents an introduction to UCT, and an opportunity for new staff to meet and interact with other new staff from across the institution as well as with key senior role players at the University.

Outcomes of the programme include an understanding of UCT's history, administrative and academic structures, governance systems, UCT acronyms, the UCT culture, mission, strategy and some of the challenges UCT faces. Participants will also learn more about some of the support services available to them such as Human Resources and ICTS. Lastly, the programme provides physical orientation to the various campuses through a bus tour on a UCT Shuttle.

The programme runs regularly throughout the year. Dates and times can be found on SuccessFactors Learning. Booking is essential, and bookings can be made by the line manager or department prior to the new staff member starting.

For more information, please contact the Staff Learning Centre on 021 650 3812.

Page last updated: 20 December 2023