Development Dialogue

The Development Dialogue (DD) is the agreed system for performance contracting, management and development at UCT for permanent professional, administrative and support services (PASS) staff in PC01 to PC12, and for senior staff in PC13(5) to PC13(1).

While not a policy requirement, this system should also be used for staff on fixed term contracts. This will ensure the fair and equitable treatment and reward of all PASS staff.

The Development Dialogues and Development Forums resource guide gives staff members, line managers and Development Forum members a step-by-step guide to conducting Development Dialogues and Forums.

This guide breaks the system down into a 7-step process and documents the preparation needed, meetings, timelines and deadline dates. It also provides a number of supporting documents as annexures.

The steps in this guide correspond with the steps on the HR210 form, which is the form used to record and document Development Dialogues.

Simplified quick-reference guides are also available in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

Regular, ongoing, informal mid-cycle reviews need also take place.

Page last updated: 7 February 2024