Different competencies are required, in varying combinations, at differing levels, for various jobs at UCT staff. The demonstration of these competencies is necessary in order for a staff member to be deemed to be performing the job at the required standard. However competencies can be difficult to recognize, articulate, define and measure, and so it is useful to have a 'competency dictionary' - a competency framework - which sets out the types of behaviours one would expect to see in successful performance in different types and levels of jobs. Such a framework provides a common language or understanding of the behaviours required.

The UCT Competency Framework provides a comprehensive list of competencies for all academic and PASS jobs at UCT, and descriptions of how these competencies look at different levels of jobs. The framework is used when we:

  • Design jobs and structure
  • Write job descriptions
  • Manage and develop performance of staff
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Train and develop staff
  • Identify and plan career paths
  • Plan for successors for key jobs
  • Develop our organisational culture

Note: These descriptors are not rigid and absolute performance measures, but rather generic guidelines for what effective performance looks like. They are a starting point for a conversation around expected levels of performance. The Competency Framework is neither all-inclusive nor prescriptive.

View the UCT Competency Framework.

Page last updated: 26 October 2023