UCT staff 

Employees who are currently on a medical aid and without gap cover, have an opportunity to join Ambledown gap cover at the UCT corporate rate.   

What is Gap Cover?  

Gap cover is designed to assist members by covering the shortfalls that arise during hospitalization for a medical or surgical procedure, where the doctors and specialists charge a higher rate than what your medical scheme pays, or when you are required to make a co-payment or carry an up-front cost for the procedure. Although gap cover does not cover out-of-hospital procedures, in some cases certain listed procedures performed in the doctor’s rooms are covered. The above-mentioned benefits may differ from your option selected. 

Tariff shortfalls and co-payments equates to an average of 94% of all gap cover claims and below is examples of frequent claims and accidental casualty claims paid by gap cover: 

Frequent Claims 

What was paid by Gap 


Accidental Casualty Claims 

What was paid  by Gap 


R      29 471,50  

Unspecified injury of head 

R        5 695,20  

Other Dentistry 

R      21 042,48  

Multiple open wounds of head 

R        3 871,48  


R      17 816,00  

Fracture of clavicle 

R        3 056,70  

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

R      11 575,72  

Other injury of unspecified body region 

R        3 023,36  

Natural birth 

R      13 164,70  

Dislocation of elbow, unspecified 

R        2 679,10  


R      29 861,69  


Member support 

UCT has appointed PSG Employee Benefits as the preferred healthcare broker to provide end-to-end service to UCT employees on their UCT Discovery Health medical aid and gap cover benefits.   

If you require assistance as to which option will be suitable or how to join, please contact: 

Dianne Wilson via e-mail dianne.wilson@psg.co.za, or the 

PSG Support Unit on 0860 105 158 or email psgsupport@psg.co.za 

Application form

Supporting documents to include with the application

  • ID copy of main member and debit order account holder
  • Medical aid membership certificates for main member and dependants
Appointed broker for Ambledown Gap Cover UCT Healthcare Office
For applications, advice on product selection, benefits, or claims assistance.

For applications and claims process information.

Dianne Wilson

PSG Employee Benefits
Email: dianne.wilson@psg.co.za

PSG Support

Tel: 0860 105 158
Email: psgsupport@psg.co.za

Gaynor Pekeur

Benefits Admin Assistant 
Tel: (021) 650-3519
Email: HR.Healthcare@uct.ac.za

Debra De Gouveia-Meyer

Healthcare Specialist

Tel: (021) 650-4001
Email: HR.Healthcare@uct.ac.za


Page last updated: 20 June 2024