Completing the electronic HEMIS form | Rollout plan per Faculty/Department/Area

Completing the electronic HEMIS form

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HEMIS Activities and definitions
Activity Definition
Instruction Activities directly involved in the teaching of students, including preparation, marking, setting examinations, curriculum development, lectures, seminars, practicals, and supervision of research projects, theses and dissertations.
Research Activities which are designed to further human knowledge, either by the creation of new knowledge or the application of existing knowledge.
Public Service Activities which make available to the public the resources and skills of staff in order to meet a specific community need. All work on contract research is to be reported on in this category.
Academic Support Activities which support the three primary activities above, including library and museum services, educational media services, academic computing support, technical support (i.e. the work of technical officers and scientific officers not reported under Instruction, Research or Public Service) and academic administration at the course, departmental and faculty level.
Student Services Activities, other than instructional ones, which relate to student development, social and sporting clubs, counselling, career guidance and health services.
Institutional Support Centralised activities which are carried out to support the day-to-day as well as long term viability of the operations of the institution, including executive management, financial management and administration, human resources management, facilities management, financial aid, student admissions, records and examinations, computing support, public relations and fund raising.
Operation and Maintenance of Plant Activities which are associated with building and plant maintenance, building and plant renovations and alterations, landscaping, gardens and grounds, custodial and security services, parking, cleaning services, and the provision of utilities.
Auxiliary Services Activities related to student housing, off-campus student housing, staff housing and the UCT educare should all be reported under this activity.
Hospital Services Activities which are related to the operations of a teaching hospital or clinic, and health sciences teaching centre.

Rollout plan per Faculty/Department/Area

Form release date Faculty/Department/Area Form expiry date (last day for return of form) Contact person
for enquiries
25 Oct 2021 Baxter Theatre 04 November 2021 HR Assistant / Administrator
for your area
Communication & Marketing
Development & Alumni
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Law
Graduate School of Business
Human Resources 
Institutional Planning
Office of the Registrar
Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Postgraduate Funding Office
Research Contracts & Innovation
Research Office
01 Nov 2021 Faculty of Health Sciences 11 November 2021 HR Assistant / Administrator
for your area
08 Nov 2021 Centre for Higher Education Development 18 November 2021 HR Assistant / Administrator
for your area
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
Faculty of Science
Staff Bodies
University Libraries
15 Nov 2021 Properties & Services 25 November 2021 HR Assistant / Administrator
for your area
Student Affairs
Student Housing & Residence Life

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