Development Forums

Development Forums ensure the consistency in the application of the Development Dialogue system across a Faculty of Department.

A Development Forum consists of line managers across the department and function. A line manager, one level higher than these line managers is appointed as Chair.  The Development Forum is not the final authority on performance ratings, Exceeds Awards, nor Discretionary Rewards.  It will make recommendations to a higher level of authority.

The Development Forum will:
•    Review the consistency of performance ratings 
•    Finalise performance rating recommendations
•    Finalise ‘Exceeds’ awards nominations
•    Finalise Discretionary Rewards recommendations
•    Discuss and record development needs, linking development plans to departmental or faculty objectives, and formulating a departmental or faculty development plan for the following cycle.

The will also: 
•    Identify scarce and critical skills and identify possible initiatives to address these.
•    Identify scarce and critical positions and identify possible staff as successors to these.


Development Forum Feedback discussions take place after the Development Forum recommendations have been approved by the relevant authority bodies.

The purpose of the Development Forum feedback is for the line manager to:
•    Give feedback to the staff member regarding the outcome of the Development Forum discussions, which forms part of the performance and development record.
•    Summarise the staff member’s strengths and development areas and note performance needed to improve in development areas.
•    Record positions that the staff member could move into now or in a few years’ time, and any development needed.

The line manager sets up a meeting with the staff member and gives the staff member detailed feedback on the Development Forum discussions and outcome.

The line manager completes Step 6 of the HR210, based on the deliberations of the Development Forum. This forms  part of the performance and development record.

Page last updated 19 April 2023