Appointed by Council on recommendation of selection committee in terms of Senate approved criteria.


  1. Someone who by virtue of his or her status in teaching and research or achievement and distinction in professional activities, in commerce or industry, or in the creative arts would add materially and notably to the scholarship and prestige of the University as a whole.
  2. a senior member of an institution closely associated with the University in one or more fields of academic, teaching and research activity of the University.


Honorary staff for fixed period (category a); or for the tenure of the position they hold (category b)

As honorary staff they are maintained as staff on the HR database.

(An Honorary Professor, who retires as Honorary Professor having had at least ten years association with UCT as Honorary Professor, may be considered on his or her individual merits for election as Honorary Professor Emeritus).

Rights or privileges

  • General

    Right to use the title; the right to a staff card, access to facilities and to purchase parking discs; the right to co-supervise doctoral students, and any other privileges specially determined by Council.

    May apply for URC research funds on proof of accredited peer-reviewed publications in the past year.

  • ICTS rights: UCT email account and see UCT role model: Staff.
  • Library rights: As for academic staff.
  • Access control rights: Staff card or other access as determined by HOD.
  • Decision rights on (research) funds: May be granted on application to ED Finance.
  • Space: At discretion of HOD & Dean.
  • Right to apply for equipment: No

View the Selection committee procedures for Honorary Professors and Honorary Associate Professors.

Page last updated: 15 December 2016