1. Long service awards to members of the professional administrative and support staff take the form of:
    1. R250 for those who have completed 5 years of service
    2. R1250 for those who have completed 10 years of service.
      This award is taxable and may not be taken as a gift. The certificate will be sent out via the post and will not be presented at a ceremony.
    3. R3250 for those who have completed 15 years of service.
    4. R6500 for those who have completed 25 years of service.
    5. R9750 for those who have completed 35 years of service.
    6. R13000 for those who have completed 45 years of service.

    The award amounts above were agreed during substantive negotiations with the coalition of unions.

  2. The tax status of these awards is subject to tax law.
    • A long service award taken in the form of cash payable with your salary is taxable.
    • A long service award taken as a gift is not taxable.
    • Awards for amounts of up to R5000 (excluding the 10 year award) may be taken as a gift. Anything above the R5000 must be taxed.
    • If the proposed gift would exceed the award amount, the entire value of the gift is taxable.
    • Where an award or part thereof is subject to tax, the award or its value is not reduced by the amount of the tax, but the taxable value is added to the staff member's annual taxable income.
  3. All continuous service whether permanent or temporary (excluding ad-hoc or paid-on-claim), full-time or part-time is recognised for long service awards. Continuous service is deemed to not be interrupted by a lapse totalling six months or less.
  4. Recipients of long service awards for 15 years and greater are presented with the award and certificate at a ceremony held during the year in which the required period of service is completed. The ceremony is only for staff receiving awards from 15 years and beyond.