Assistance and training

Further assistance, information and training are available from Human Resources. Each faculty and PASS department has a HR Business Partner (HRBP) who supports the line manager and staff member with human resources matters.

For Development Dialogues and Development Forums, your HRBP:
•    can assist the line manager and staff member in preparing for and conducting Development Dialogues and provide guidance in completing the forms.
•    can provide support in writing a position description and can help the line manager and staff member in identifying KPAs and/or competencies for the position. 
•    can assist in identifying appropriate learning and development interventions.
•    will supply the line manager with an excel template, and support, to complete the information required for the Development Forum discussions.
•    will guide the Development Forums, and will keep records of these discussions, feeding these through to the appropriate central HR units.

Line managers are best placed to understand each position requirements and their staff member’s roles, responsibilities, and competencies. Line manager are thus also able to assist staff in using this system.

The Staff Learning Centre (SLC) provides training courses for both line managers and staff in the use of this system. The SLC also offers various other managerial and supervisory training programmes. 

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Page last updated:  19 April 2023