A small, select cohort of retired Professors with exceptional track records in research, mentoring and supervision who are on three-year contracts approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (with responsibility for research) to supervise postgraduate students, mentor staff and produce peer-reviewed publications. They do not earn professorial salaries but are placed on a tailor-made retainer that is based on the subsidy they generate over a three-year period through the production of these outputs.

In order to be appointed as a Senior Research Scholar, retirees are nominated on an ad hoc basis by their Deans. The appointments are approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (with responsibility for research). Senior Research Scholars report on their DHET subsidy-earning outputs (i.e. graduation of postgraduate students they have supervised, publication of subsidy-earning, peer-reviewed publications) on an annual basis. Renewal is not automatic and the University retains the right to terminate the contract should the research output over the three-year period not match the retainer paid.

Page last updated: 21 August 2014