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Our vision is to proactively anticipate and meet the human resource requirements of our institution in a manner that supports the achievement of its vision and mission.

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22 July 2014: UCT Competency Framework

UCT has agreed a UCT Competency Framework which sets out the types of behaviours one would expect to see in successful performance in different types and levels of jobs. The UCT Competency Framework provides a comprehensive list of competencies for all Academic and PASS jobs at UCT, and descriptions of how these competencies look at different levels of jobs. The Framework is used when we:
  • Design jobs and structure
  • Write job descriptions
  • Manage and develop performance of staff
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Train and develop staff
  • Identify and plan career paths
  • Plan for successors for key jobs
  • Develop our organisational culture
Note: These descriptors are not rigid and absolute performance measures, but rather generic guidelines for what effective performance looks like. They are a starting point for a conversation around expected levels of performance. The competency framework is neither all-inclusive nor prescriptive.

View the UCT Competency Framework.
17 July 2014: Newsletters

PSG Newsflash (Handy tips to make the most of your medical scheme benefits)
Mental health awareness
Stress-busting advice
Bullying in the workplace

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7 July 2014: Discovery Health Vitality Hotel Collection benefit

Enjoy great savings on accommodation with the Vitality Hotel Collection benefit. Your saving is based on your Vitality status, and when paying with a DiscoveryCard, it's possible to qualify for an additional 15% saving. Choose from more than 500 top hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts and resorts.

Find out more on the Discovery website.
2 July 2014: Mentoring Skills for Leaders workshop

The Organisational Development section of HR is offering a Mentoring Skills for Leaders workshop to all UCT Academic and PASS leaders and managers. The 2½ day workshop will give UCT leaders and managers an opportunity to explore the concept of a mentoring leadership style and to gain skills to lead in this way. Participants will engage with the content and have time to practice the skills in a participative way.

August workshop: 6 - 7 August (9h00-16h00) and 8 August (9h00-13h00).

Please book online using the Course Booking Form.

To find out more about the workshop (including additional workshop dates in Sept, Oct and Nov), please visit the Staff learning and development page.
27 June 2014: 2014 Ad hominem process

Updated: 2014 Adhominem invitations, guidelines and procedures per faculty

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