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Our vision is to proactively anticipate and meet the human resource requirements of our institution in a manner that supports the achievement of its vision and mission.

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17 March 2015: UCTRF - Changes to the UCT disability income benefit from 1 March 2015

Applicable to UCTRF members on permanent conditions of employment.

  • Any disability premiums paid will now be taxed as fringe benefits, but
  • The benefit paid to you should you become disabled will be paid to you tax free.
For further details, please read the communication from the UCT Retirement Fund.
16 March 2015: Updated departmental appointment letters for ad hoc and paid-on-claim staff

A paragraph providing information on payment and payday has been added below the list of terms and conditions in both letters, see:

Ad hoc letter of appointment
Paid-on-claim letter of appointment

Both letters are available on the UCT Administrative Forms website under the sections for the HR100a and HR100b forms.
12 March 2015: Newsletters

PSG Newsflash (Competition Commission's market enquiry into private healthcare sector)
National human rights day (21 March 2015)
Why sleep is important
How to control stress at work

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12 February 2015: Updated HR form

The HR145 form (Termination) has been updated to include a purchasing card holder question. Full details of the change are available on the Updates and new forms section of the UCT Administrative forms website. Please ensure that you always use the latest copy of a form on the UCT Administrative forms website.
10 February 2015: Recent updates

References to academic annual leave updated and aligned:

Academic annual leave
Academic general conditions of service (point 13.2)
Academic leave FAQ

Updated questions and answers in the FAQ on leave pay outs for academic staff

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