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Our vision is to proactively anticipate and meet the human resource requirements of our institution in a manner that supports the achievement of its vision and mission.

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19 November 2014: Recent updates

Work permits / Permanent residence (Rearranged content and added headings)
Optional annual service bonus and savings scheme (added information about the savings scheme)
Travel allowance (clarified that a motivation is required annually with COE schedule)
Advertising procedures (advertising deadlines for some media now 10h00 every alternate Friday)
17 November 2014: Newsletters

Don't look away, act against abuse
World Diabetes Day
Prostate cancer

View previous organisational health newsletters.
31 October 2014: Updated HR forms

The following HR forms have recently been updated, details of the changes are available on the Updates and new forms section of the UCT Administrative forms website. Please ensure that you always use the latest copy of a form on the UCT Administrative forms website.

HR105 (Additional payment)
HR141 (Study & research or contact leave)
HR202 (Request to commence recruitment process for posts to be advertised)
3 October 2014: Discovery Health Annual renewal campaign for 2015

Discovery Health's annual increase across the majority of the plans is 9.9% effective from 1 January 2015. The Executive plan increase is 10.9%.

Members have the opportunity to update their plan choice for the following year. View the schedule to find a venue and presentation session near you.

Individual sessions can be booked with Dianne Wilson on or 072 384 14 58.

View the 2015 health plans, contributions and plan range summary, benefit guides and vitality information.

The deadline for the return of the option change form is Friday, 28 November 2014.

View the 2015 annual renewal period communication to UCT Discovery Health members.

View the announcements archive