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Our vision is to proactively anticipate and meet the human resource requirements of our institution in a manner that supports the achievement of its vision and mission.

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30 September 2015: Recent updates

Honorary Professors and Honorary Associate Professors - Updated section 3 to align with current practice of using nomination form HR169.

Academic's Union - Changed RFJ (Rate for Job) reference in 7.10 to SASP (Standard Academic Salary Package).
29 September 2015: Newsletters

PSG Newsflash (Retirement fund developments)
Are you at risk for Alzheimer's disease?
How healthy is your heart?
Keep that winning smile

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11 September 2015: 2016 RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) courses

The Recognition of Prior Learning process is aimed at those who have worked in First Line Management or Administration for many years but have no formal qualification in their area of expertise.

Your prior learning can be recognised in terms of registered qualifications and unit standards, regardless of where and how the learning was attained. The RPL process identifies what you know and can do, and then assesses your knowledge, skills and experience against specific standards and assessment criteria for a particular qualification. In this way you can be credited for skills, knowledge and experience built up through formal, informal and non-formal learning that occurred in the past.

The outcome of successful completion is a NQF qualification:

  • NQF Level 3 for Management (National Certificate)
  • NQF Level 4 for Business Administration (FET Certificate)

The pre-requisites for the Certificate in Management are;

  1. Must have a certified copy of NQF Level 2 or higher (Grade 10,11 or 12, National Certificate)
  2. Must currently be in a management position at UCT
  3. Must have at least three years? experience in a first line management role

The pre-requisites for the Business Administration Certificate are:

  1. Must have completed and passed Grade 12
  2. Must be able to communicate in two of South African official languages
  3. Must have at least three years' experience in an administrative or line management role (where relevant)

This course is run by the Staff Learning Centre, Human Resources, as a special project supported by an ETDP SETA discretionary funding award.

In order to book, please use the online booking form. The closing date for bookings is 18 September 2015. For more information contact the Staff Learning Centre at or 021 650 3812.

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