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PASS: Scientific and Technical

Promotions process | Competency profile | Guidelines for the scientific and technical officers committee

Promotions process

View the S&TO promotions process flow.

How the recommendation was developed


A task team of Scientific and Technical Officers (S&TO's) was set up in 2005 to:


The task team consisted of S&TO's across different payclasses and HR representatives from the relevant faculties. The process was facilitated by the UCT Skills Development Facilitator.

Broader context

Given the role that S&TO's play in supporting the academic endeavour, performance management, career development and retention strategies need to be made explicit and transparent. The elements below serve to paint the broader context within which the promotion process for S&TO's resides. This proposal, however, deals specifically with a proposal for promotions for S&TO's.

If Then
the candidate and line manager wish to evaluate performance and determine development plans apply performance management process
the candidate meets criteria for promotion by demonstrating competence and delivering outputs follow promotion process
operational requirements of the job change / grow apply for job evaluation
the candidate wishes to apply for an academic post (see Performance management - academic staff) consider whether an academic post is available for the candidate to fill

Terms of Reference for S&TO Promotion Committee

General rules and guidelines

These terms of reference should be understood in conjunction with the general rules for procedures for committees, as amended from time to time and published in the Principal's Circular.

These general rules and procedures can be found on the governance intranet.


Formulation and composition of committee

Each year the centralised Scientific and Technical Officers Committee (S&TOC) for promotions will meet.

The composition of the Committee will be contingent upon the fields of expertise necessary to make reasonable assessments of the candidates. Membership will be constituted as follows:

Members on the Committee Capacity
3 members of relevant faculties* nominated by each Dean of the faculty (1 x HOD, 2 x S&TO not up for promotion from own/other faculty) Full Voting Rights
3 members nominated by the S&TO constituency (not up for promotion) Full Voting Rights
1 HR representative Advisory role and Servicing Officer
1 Deputy Vice-Chancellor nominated by the Vice-Chancellor Chair with full voting rights

(Deputy Chair: The Committee shall nominate its own Deputy Chair)

* "relevant faculties" refers to those faculties which have applications for ad hominem promotions in the current year


General provisions

Quorum rules

All members or substitutes must be present.

Terms of office

Members will serve on the committee for at least 3 consecutive years (for continuity).

Eligibility for UCT staff

Permanent and T3 UCT staff members who have worked in their current positions for at least two years are eligible.

The application / nomination must be based on achievements in services and support provided at UCT, obtained after the appointment of the person concerned.


This proposal should be read in conjunction with the proposed business process below:

Stage Description Timeline
1. The HoD and HR Practitioner evaluate whether the post needs to be re-evaluated based on operational requirements or the candidate should be put forward for promotion. May - June
2. The Dean calls for applications and nominations for S&TO promotions. July
3. The central S&TO Committee (S&TOC) for promotions is finalised. July
4. The relevant documentation required for promotion shall be submitted to the S&TOC at least two weeks prior to the meeting of the Committee. August/September
5. The S&TOC evaluates all S&T applications for promotion and makes a recommendation to the relevant Deans. September/October
6. The Dean approves the recommendation for promotion. September/October
7. The S&TOC provides feedback to the candidates. October
8. Any appeal decision is signed off by the Chair of the S&TOC. October
9. New appointment letters are distributed with new COE's. December
10. A review of the completed ad hominem exercise is undertaken. December/January


The following documentation will be reviewed by the Committee for each candidate prior to evaluation:

Competency profile

View the competency profiles of the respective levels for Scientific and Technical Officer positions.

Guidelines for the Scientific & Technical Officers committee

In 2006 the first meeting of the newly constituted Scientific & Technical Officers Committee (S&TOC) took place to determine the ad hominem promotions for this category of staff.

The process and documentation was reviewed in February 2007 and 2008 and a few minor enhancements were made to the documentation. One such enhancement was to prepare a guidelines document for the S&TOC to support the committee process. The basis of this document is the feedback from the 2006 S&TOC ad hominem exercise.


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